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March 14 Webinar Recording : Viewing requires you to register with GoToStage

2017-2018 GSI Accomplishment Report : An update on GSI in Seattle.

GSI Design For Health Article : Article by Kathy Wolf, University of Washington, detailing the health benefits of GSI.

RainWise FAQ : short version

RainWise FAQ  : long version

Cistern Factsheet : An introduction to cisterns by the RainWise program.

RainWise One Page Factsheet : Quick guide to the RainWise program.

Financial Options : Options from Stewardship Partners to help you pay for your RainWise installation or if you are not eligible for RainWise.

Rainwise Maintenance Guide : How to maintain your RainWise installation.

Sightline tri-fold : Research pamphlet on using cistern water for edibles.

Cistern Brochure : An updated list of contractors ready to install cisterns (based on Summer 2018 survey).

Not eligible for RainWise?

Green Stormwater Mini-Grants are available in the King County Wastewater Treatment Division service area.

Other resources: GSI Western WA Resources