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Why are RainWise rebates offered?

In most Seattle neighborhoods, the stormwater and sewer systems are connected into a “combined system”. Heavy rains in these neighborhoods can cause combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into local waterways. The King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) are working together to CSO events.

RainWise is part of a comprehensive CSO control program, and allows Seattle residents to be part of the solution.

Combined vs Separated Sewers in the Seattle Area Map

Why am I only eligible for a cistern?

Your property may have poorly draining soils or be in a steep/landslide-prone area. To learn more about what determines eligibility for a rain garden, click here. Learn more about the benefits of cisterns here.

Why am I not eligible?

Even though you live in an eligible basin, your property may have some disqualifying criteria. If your home is relatively new, it already complies with current stormwater code.

Here are some other resources: GSI Western WA Resources 

What else can I do?

Visit 12,000 Rain Gardens for resources on building your own rain garden, incentive programs and grants, such as the GSI Mini Grant and RainWise Access Grant.

Visit the Garden Hotline website for other ways your yard can help keep our local waters clean.

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