Rebate Process

The Rebate Process

The RainWise Program provides rebates that cover most or all of the cost of installing cisterns and rain gardens on your property. To receive a rebate, you must be in an eligible combined sewer overflow (CSO) basin and work with a RainWise-trained contractor. The rebate can be up to $4.00 per square foot of rooftop runoff controlled.

The average rebate has been $4,800 and on average, 90% of the project is covered. Talk to your contractor about what you can do on your property and ways to maximize the rebate.


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The RainWise Rebate Process

1. Check your eligibility Check to see whether your property is eligible for a RainWise rebate for a cistern, a rain garden or both.

2. Find a Contractor The contractors listed here are RainWise-trained and are ready to work in your neighborhood. Explore this page and the contractors’ web pages to learn more about them. The first step in hiring a contractor is to schedule a consultation, or site visit.

3. Work with your contractor on a design You can work with a contractor to design a RainWise garden that fits your site and your needs. Choose from a selection of cisterns and plant options.

4. Pre-inspection and Build The contractor will arrange for a free pre-construction inspection in order to get the green light for the project to move forward. After this is completed, they can begin construction on the RainWise installation.

5. Final Inspection Your contractor will make arrangements for a final inspection by a RainWise inspector upon completion. This insures the project will work before the rebate is paid out.

6. Receive your rebate! Work with your contractor to submit a completed RainWise package. After this is completed, you will receive your RainWise rebate in 4 – 8 weeks.

7. Maintenance It is important to maintain your system. Make sure your contractor shows you how or that you contract with them to do regular maintenance. For more information and resources, visit our maintenance page.

Financial Support

The RainWise program also offers financial resources to help homeowners pay for the upfront costs and smaller out of pocket expenses associated with RainWise installations. We hope to make RainWise accessible to low income and underserved communities.

RainWise Pilot Access Loan

This program offers a subsidized loan to RainWise contractors for RainWise projects, in order to pay for the upfront costs of an installation. To apply, visit Craft3 to get more information.

RainWise Access Grant

This grant provides up to an additional $1000 for RainWise eligible homeowners and non-profit community organizations (including religious groups) to bridge the gap between rebate amount and actual project costs for income limited and underserved communities. To apply or find more information, visit the Stewardship Partners website here.

Vendor Payment Option

A number of contractors offer the Vendor Payment Option to their clients; this allows RainWise contractors to pay the upfront costs of the installation and receive the rebate directly. If you choose to use this option, please fill out the Rebate Assignment Option form with your contractor.

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